Friday, June 4, 2010

BP Oil Disaster - If It Was My Home

I am not a Petroleum Engineer.  I am not on the Railroad Commission.  (Those are the folks who govern oil drilling.)  I am a layman.  I understand what's going on in the Gulf about as well as the rest of the world.  What is usually contained below Earth's crust is spewing at an unimaginable rate into the Gulf of Mexico. 

I do think that the folks from BP realize the magnitude of this mess, now.  I don't think however they really see the direct impact the way Southern USA does. 

A friend posted this link on Facebook yesterday and I like what it is attempting to do.  While the catastrophe in the Gulf might be hard for some to imagine, If It Was My Home tries to bring relevance.  If using a phone to pull it up, your GPS coordinates will display your area automatically. 

I'm really surprised at America's lack of tenacity here.  I thought we would have come up with a solution Armageddon style and enacted it by now.   We can bill BP later for it.  But instead we did nothing for two months.  BP sure as hell didn't do anything of immediate value.  Maybe if it was in the friggin' English Channel they would be quicker to act. 

Here is the spill in the Gulf on a map.
Here is what that would look like over my area of the country!  That is almost my entire territory for work!
Here it is over NYC...that's a bunch of friggin' states!
Here it is in the English Channel!  Suck it British Petroleum!
This visualization isn't really anything.  Imagine crude oil....or piles of dog shit completely covering every inch of your yard, city, state, country!  This is not something that will just fix itself.  This is devastating.


  1. That was a really great post --and a powerful visual. One of the best most compelling visuals I've seen. Thanks for yet another dose of reality.

  2. Thanks GG. You know the AT&T commercial out right now where they are covering everything with the orange rolls of fabric? Maybe an Anti-BP group could run a UK campaign with a similar approach but CGI crude oil covering all of England? Dunno, could probably make it more relevant for our friends across the pond.