Monday, June 21, 2010

Anti-Rape Female Condom

Flipping through CNN stories today I ran across one that literally turned my stomach.  A woman has invented a female condom that contains rows of teeth-like-hooks that clamp down on a man's junk.  This is intended to be used as a deterrent for rape.

It's called Rape-aXe.

Apparently, in South Africa more than any other country rape is highly prevalent in society.  Women live in fear at all times.  She planned to have 30,000 devices distributed during the World Cup games. 

Basically a woman inserts it like a tampon.  Once up there if she is attacked, the thing will clamp down around a man.  It will debilitate him.  If he struggles to remove it, it will become tighter.  A doctor has to remove it, presumably with police on hand to arrest him afterward.

HOLY CRAP, THAT'S HORRIFYING TO IMAGINE. I am a man and therefore am of course referring to the penile mutilation.  The doctor says it doesn't break the skin, so there isn't a chance of bodily fluid exchange during this maneuver. Deserving or not, that's gut wrenching!

Rape is one of the most vile and horrific acts committed.  Do not misunderstand me here, a deterrent is justifiable.  Rapists should be punished well beyond what they are.  The psychological damage to the victim is irreparable. 

So why does it sound like I have a but?  Because I do.  The doctor plans to make them available for $2. 

If these things make it to the western world, ie the USA, this could have some very bad results.  I'm considering one particular instance that undermines the intention of this device.  A psycho girl who is really pissed off at her boyfriend putting one of those in and allowing him to have sex with her.  That would be an assault that would have the exact affects on the man as it would for a rape victim. 

My solution(s)?  Make Mace or Pepper Spray available and affordable for all women?  Teach women self defense in elementary and high school.  Educate boys on their responsibility as humans so they grow up better people.  Real conversations about sex with youths are nonexistent.  The false concepts men and women grow up with about sex are wildly off base.  I think open and honest discussions could go along way to deterring deviant behavior before it manifests itself. 

The biggest but is that with this device, WOMEN STILL GET RAPED.  They just get instant justice.  Arm women with confidence, education and training to fight back and help prevent the rape, not just set a trap once the act has taken place.


  1. I physically shuddered when reading this!

  2. When my wife first told me about this, my initial reaction was that anyone who is committing such a deplorable act will get what he deserves, but you bring up some excellent points.

    The vengeful, mentally instable girlfriend scenario is particularly disturbing.

    Now, I'm not sure what kind of resources the African continent has to educate and create a dramatic culutral shift, but they surely realize that it is an awful situation over there. Beyond the anti-rape female condom, I have to wonder what other measures they are taking or exploring to help the situation?

  3. Casey, I'm sorry if I traumatized you in any way!

    John, very good point about the limitations Africa may have and I hope they do realize the situation. My assumption is with the continued issues they encounter with AIDS education, they may have some serious problems that I didn't consider when I first wrote this.

    I continued to think about this a little more after I posted it. I left out a couple positives to the device. If rape and murder is the intent, this could help the woman survive when she otherwise would not. Also, knowledge that women might be wearing it might be the true deterrent as to avoid the trauma they'll be dissuaded from rape.

    My wife mentioned something horrific I'd never heard. There is a myth that once afflicted with AIDS sleeping with a virgin will "undo" the disease. That thought alone makes this device justifiable in South Africa. I'd just be afraid if the guy had the foresight to check before knowing these are out there if that wouldn't cause an even greater rage with far worse results.

    I don't know. I'm always saddened when humanity reveals its penchant for depravity. I guess the idea of creating punishments and weapons to combat it, some unintentional casualties are to be expected.