Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Annoying Sounds

CNN posted a list of the 10 most annoying sounds. This was sparked by the constant deafening buzz created by the South African vuvuzela.  This is a plastic horn the fans blow during soccer matches.  I remember hearing it when South Africa played in the last world cup.  I remember the announcers talking about how annoying they were as well as how it's the tradition form South Africa.

Lots of people on twitter have been commenting including Lance Armstrong who asked what the heck it was.  I one of the many who let him in on the secret.  (yes, I'm a dork, not for following him on twitter, but for actually responding to him like it mattered) To which he posted "No offense to the vuvuzela posse but, man, it's a bit much." Agreed!

So, in every sport there are annoying fans.  In soccer, there definitely are.  Does that mean they should have to stop?  Not in my humble opinion.  The freaking coasters the UK throws onto the field are equally annoying.  You're intentionally trying to make someone fall and littering at the same time.  Eat it!

So here's the CNN list broken down:

10.) Jim Carrey doing the "most annoying sound in the world" from Dumb and Dumber.  - shocking this made the list right?  The comedy writer for CNN only had to Google the phrase "Most annoying sound" for that to pop up.  Good to know research pays off.

9.) Cicadas.  OMFG yes!  These things are creepy as hell too, living below the ground for 17 years before crawling up a tree to scream the rest of their life. The Latin translation for cicada is buzzer.  Nuff Said.

8.) Snoring.  I'm surprised this made it's entry so far down on the list.  I'm a really loud snorer normally, but when I've been drinking, god help you.  After a huge party a few of us passed out on the couch and the next morning they had piles of firewood at our feet. Literally sawing logs. 

7.) The Hum.  I'll be honest, until that video I'd never heard of this.  Apparently it's a low, loud vibration that Taos, NM; Bristol, England; and Australia have to deal with.  It would probably drive a person nuts to be around it all the time. 

6.) Dial Up Modems.  While I agree that is astoundingly annoying, they're nearly extinct, so maybe they don't deserve to be here.

5.) Car Alarms. Hmm, I guess when they aren't shut off, I can see it.  When my daughter finds the pretty red button on my keys it can be quite jarring. I think maybe I'm just used to them. 

4.) Nails on the Chalkboard.  Gotta say, I know I'm really weird here but this sound doesn't irritate me as much as others seem to be affected.  I remember girls in class practically doubling over in pain at the sound.  To quote Lance, "It's a bit much."

3.) Gilbert Gottfried.  Could have thrown Fran Drescher in here too!  I grew up with him on USA Up All Night.  I buzzed through his filmography and was floored.  All the annoying voices in cartoons throughout the years plus the Aflac duck were actually him.  I always assumed it was just some actor playing with their voice.  Incredible...also super sad just how much of his career I've followed/seen.

2.) Emergency Broadcast System.  Yep.

1.) Vuvuzela.  Really, this made it in at number 1?  Fine Mr. Joseph Lin, make your point relevant.  Still not the worst. 

Ones that I would have included...in no particular order:

a.) Cellphone/Police Siren noises in Pop Music.  Seriously, my heart skips a beat each time.  I grab my phone or search frantically in rear view mirror. Ought to throw J-Lo's song with the Trumpet (Get Right) in with this.

b.) Transition from TV or Movie to Commercial.  Commercials are allowed to air anywhere within the range of volume the TV show or Movie they are during runs.  The problem here is that the explosion or gun shot lasting one second during the show might be at 100 decibels but your effing commercial is 30 seconds long at the same volume!  I hated it before I had a sleeping toddler in the house.  Now it's pure strategy to make sure the volume is controlled.  Didn't they use to have smart sound technology in TVs?

c.) Toddler shriek.  This my friends curdles EVERYONEs blood.  My daughter can manage to have her shriek carry across a crowded restaurant and silence the room in under 2 seconds.  They have octaves the best Aria singers couldn't dream of hitting.  Screw our natural defense mechanisms.  I want to die every time she pitches a fit in the living room.  But sadly, like car alarms and nails on the chalk board, I'm growing used to the shrill noise being produced by mini me. 

d.) Alarm Clock.  I HATE THIS SOUND.  I'm not a morning person.  I do not enjoy waking up.  You might as well throw water on my face.  And for the record, it doesn't matter if it's music, a buzzer or a knocker flying between two bells, they all suck.

e.) Yappy Dogs.  If you dog is smaller than a cat and insists on barking at EVERYTHING.  You need to reevaluate your pet ownership choices.  Not saying these things don't need love and affection like the rest of the rodents in the world.  Just saying that they and the noises they emit are really annoying!

Any you would add?

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