Saturday, June 12, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup

Friends would never describe me as a sports fanatic.  I'll go out with the guys and watch a game.  I'll look over the scores of a couple teams my wife and my friends talk about constantly so I'm not entirely lost in a conversation. 

So this is my 3rd World Cup to watch.  I'm enjoying it more an more each time.  We've even taught our 19-month-old daughter to shout GOAL and run with her arms up. 

Like the Olympics, this is a world event.  The festivities surrounding it are huge!  The host country is glorified.  The commercials are funny and inspirational.  A far cry from the incessant beer and go daddy commercials during American Football.  Don't get me wrong, I like to watch football with the guys and love me a Superbowl.  This is just something much bigger.  The ENTIRE world gets behind this sport!

My friends like to knock it for being boring.  They say things like "Soccer will never be big in America unless they only play on half the field."  "What kind of a game has TIES?"  "It's so boring, no body ever scores."  "You can't see what's going on, just a little white ball on a giant field." One friend even said he'd only watch if he had money on the game.  When he realized there were draws after South Africa v Mexico, he freaked!

I think the same things about football, baseball and basketball, but I still watch and enjoy them! 
  • Baseball has to be the MOST boring sport to watch on TV.  In the stadium is a different story, there is a visceral experience that outweighs 9 friggin' innings of set up and waiting. 
  • Basketball, while I even played when I was younger, has to be the worst.  It's like the exact opposite of soccer.  Nothing but hands.  The playing "field" is WAY to small for the players.  They score every other second.  And if both teams are decent nothing matters until the last 5 minutes when the 100+ scores will stop with a winner.  
  • Now, football...there's an interesting one.  This is a game of pomp and circumstance the likes of which a beauty pageant can't touch.  They play for 30 seconds at a time and completely restart after each play.   I swear to god I don't know how it's possible to stretch a ONE HOUR PLAY TIME out for 3 or more hours!  What are they doing cupping each other between plays?  Soccer, you don't challenge a play like you do in football either.  Your ref is the final say and I like that a whole lot!
 So the first match America played in the World Cup was against England.  What a terrifying thought.  That could have ended very badly.  Instead the USA tied!  1-1 GO USA!

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