Friday, May 21, 2010


The corporate world is never stagnate nor stable.  Someone is always going up as someone is leaving while someone else is coming in.  Frankly, that's just how it is and if you're looking to maintain a status quo, you should look into entrepreneurship.  It does not diminish the magnitude of  change.  It just requires a level of adaptability that only a volatile combination apathy and fear can provide.

My old boss (realigning of the business changed, not necessarily my position) was fired this morning.  He was unbelievably lazy and ineffective at 90% of his job.  He had his inspired moments and some feats of strength, but 10 years with the company had eradicated any real charisma for the job. So this goes to say that his getting fired was unexpected at this exact moment but not a surprise ultimately.

The VP of the company came in last week to do their annual review of the region and this district has made serious positive improvements.  No joke, leaps and bounds above past performance.  The VP said, while you've more than doubled your figures, you need to stop comparing yourself to your own prior performance.  You need to look at the other districts and try to match them.  He pointed out that another city's lowest performer in sales is well over our highest performer. 

Without going into any cumbersome detail, this concept is valid on paper, but not in practice.  While the VP has a point, and this guy sucked ultimately, I feel he was unfairly tried.  The idea that you can take dog shit and turn it into a marketable product with a return on investment should actually be a reward-able feat.  While the districts they've compared him to, have actually had little to no improvement over the last two years; but their stellar performance outweighs any good enacted locally. 

Sucks, because he needed to go, just not for this reason.  Now it's put everyone on edge, because we have to pick up the pace or else be on the chopping block as well.  I so need to go back to school and get my Teaching Certificate so I can just leave the corporate world altogether.  Wish me luck!

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