Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simon Didn't Say!

I HATE YOU WINDOWS!  I HATE YOU MICROSOFT!  WHY WOULD YOU MAKE IT SO EASY TO DELETE AN ENTIRE PAGE OF WORDS WITH ONE SIMPLE CLICK?  Apparently I clicked paste instead of copy.  Either that or the question of whether this website can access your clipboard that I apparently selected no was the culprit.  Since Blogger no longer has a spell check, I was throwing this entry into Word.  Turns out Blogger does an auto save as soon as you type ANYTHING!  So, fuck you Blogger!  Fuck you Bill Gates. 
How ironic is it though that I was blogging about an Apple product?  Maybe this sabotage was truly malicious rather than just wine-buzzed-fat-fingering!

Let's see how much i remember:

I was late coming into the Apple iPhone fold.  We didn't purchase our iPhones until October last year.  We hadn't even gone in for them, but the hype and gorgeous touch screen lured us in like a redneck to Branson.  Little did we know that once you're walking down this road with your salesman, he'd knock you over the back of the head and rape you til you bleed!

I accidentally erased an entire paragraph
with a slip of my thumb
and replaced it with a capital T. 
Where is the edit undo button? 
Why can't I remember the control function for it? 
Damn it, Damn it, Damn it!
Just Breathe...

These turned out to be the best time wasting investment I've ever made!  I am happy to report that in 9 months I've only purchased two apps.  The first was Words With Friends.  I seriously had a problem for a while.  The app broke and made me forfeit all of my games a couple months ago.  I haven't deleted it and reinstalled it yet.  I also purchased Where's Waldo for my wife on her birthday.  I know I'm a great husband!  And yes I got her other things too!

So you remember Simon?  That electronic game with lights, colors and sounds that you had to memorize and mimic?  I downloaded a free app that was just like the game. 

It was fun.  About a month ago I noticed an update that changed the name, look and game play.  Really?

Did they infringe on Simon's copyright?  Does Simon's copyright still have any sway?  Isn't there a statute of limitations on things like this?  It's over 30 years old now.  Plus, I see stuff in stores that are direct rip offs all the time. 

What kind of sway does Milton Bradley have?  Probably a direct line to Santa or something.  The folks at Category 5 Games obviously know better than to mess with the big guy!  Oh yeah, the new version doesn't suck, it's just not Simon anymore. 


  1. I'm actually a friend of one of Category 5 Games' founders and they received a nice little letter from Hasbro's (MB's parent company) legal department. So, yeah, the copyright apparently still does hold up.

    They were bummed about it, but made changes and c'est la vie.

  2. Craziness! I guess intellectual property must be protected. I would have thought 32 years would make it public domain though. Good on C5G for staying off the naughty list too!

  3. I'm a word game junkie. And I have to say that Scrabble's iPhone app is great and it's from them, so not a knockoff. Perfect for a cross country flight or waiting room limbo. I've heard the same thing about the iPad Scrabble too, but haven't seen it. Downloading memory block now...