Tuesday, May 18, 2010

K2, Not Just a Mountain Anymore

Every night for a week a local news station plugged a story about a deadly new street drug all the kids are doing that is landing them in deaths arms at the local ER.

My interest was peaked, but apparently not enough to tune into the news what ever night they were airing it.  Too much build up and in the end I had no clue what day it was even airing.  The promos showed kids smoking stuff from a pipe and then clipped to a bloody close up in the emergency room. 

So I've finally found it.  It's called K2.  Sucks to be a mountain with a crappy name, now it's a mountain with a drug named after it.  What a freaking let down. 
The sensationalized reporting made it seem like teens were walking into the local grocery store stuffing crap into a hash pipe and getting stoned.  Somewhere along the way their insides explode and they are rushed to the hospital. 

Turns out it is a marijuana experiment that tested the cannabis reaction in the nerves that's somehow found it's way to modern opportunistic hands.  The test subject from the 90's was apparently a herbal mixture sprayed with a "psychotropic" drug.  I'll break that down into simpler terms: they took Basil and Prozac and combined it and now some jack ass is selling it online. 

The kid (note the singular) who was the ultimate snitch divulged the seedy under belly of high school wannabe druggies to his ER doc should be beat senseless.  As the doctor probed, she found that even the "non-druggy" kids were doing this drug!  If they'll do this, cocaine is just a cheap hooker's thigh away! 

Bottom line, some kid got sick and threw up.  Mom rushed little innocent Billy who was of course under the bad influence of that Snedecker kid to the ER.  The doc on top of her game wasn't about to let this opportunity to interrogate a child and uncover her true passion as a wannabe DEA agent.  Gawd I hate local news as much as I do the 24 Hour "News" Stations.

By the way, when I was searching for images of the actual mountain K2, I did find a beautiful frosty mary jane plant by the same name.  Do you think someone's purposely confused the three?

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