Monday, May 17, 2010

I've Missed Blogging

Hello my name is Dorn and I'm a blogger.  It's been 12 days since my last blog.

So I didn't realize this little thing had become a habit for me.  Apparently though my lovely wife had noticed an absence. In all reality, I use this as an escape.  So yes, maybe I don't notice how long I'm in the office versus playing family man.  I also didn't realize that it could be used as punishment.

The honey do list had gotten quite extensive lately.  My wife snapped one evening, twelve days ago to be exact.  She tripped over the baby gate that my daughter and one of her fellow toddler friends had successfully ripped out of the wall (two months ago). 

Wife: "That's it! You cannot blog or read a blog until you've fixed this gate and do all of the other projects on the to do list!"
Me: "But..."
Wife: "No BUT!  Gate, Crib, Mosquitos (I'll explain this one in it's own blog), Pictures, Bookshelf, Garage, everything. Do you hear me?"
Me (sheepishly): "Yes Baby."

So here we are.  I'm almost done and have sneaked in for a reprieve from my banishment.  The remaining items are minor and frankly are going to take much more time than she gave me credit for.  She has however been very grateful for all the effort and accomplishment. So two things: First, blogging now has to be done with respect to the rest of my family.  As it should be, but sometimes you need a reality check to make you see what you're missing! Second: spending so much time with the family gives me incredible fodder for this little habit!

I have so much I want to put out there.  I wanted to chime in about Betty White and the best SNL episode I'd seen in years.  Our Mother's Day Picnic Fiasco!  Battling Mosquitoes in sultry Texas, Jury Duty and more!  I'm excited to spill my guts to the few of you who grace me with your presence. 

So when I was searching for a 
funny AA cartoon to post here 
I found this gem:
 Seriously people: think, think, think!

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