Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dramatization Disclaimers

We've all seen disclaimers in commercials listed on the bottom of screen.  Diet pills claiming massive weight loss yet disclaiming that the results are not typical.  The medical disclaimers for pharmaceuticals are hilarious when you consider that the condition they are treating is typically a side effect of the drug.  My favorite might be the beginning of Southpark, but that's not really a commercial, so I'll get back to my loose point. 

During ADT and OnStar commercials they have the word DRAMATIZATION on the bottom of the screen during their "reenactments." I assume it's so they don't get sued for traumatizing an unsuspecting whack job watching CSI when it aired.

Today I saw one for a new Nicorette product. It's a guy sitting on a dock craving a cigarette. A shark leaps from the water and starts eating his arm. He just keeps thinking about a cigarette. Once he pops one of these things in his mouth his craving ceases and he notices the shark and panics. He stands up and starts flailing around. He even starts punching it in the face to free himself.

At the bottom of the screen it reads: Dramatization, craving relief in 5 minutes.

I really wanted to embed the video
but I seem to have lost that functionality
with the Bloggers new editor....
along with my spell check option.

Really? This is the part of the commercial that's unrealistic or needed explanation?  Because naturally, I understood not taking the pill made me impervious to sharks.  Also, shark bites involve zero blood and you can carry one around like a hand bag.  Thanks for clearing up that craziness about the cravings though, I really did think my brain could be shut off like a switch. 

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