Monday, April 5, 2010

Topless March in Maine

When I saw a tweet about this, I obviously had to investigate...after all, I have an obligation to the people not reading this blog, right?  At least that's the story I'm telling my wife.  Pretty sure that's why Karma hates me.

So apparently it is not illegal for women to be topless in public in Maine.  A group of ladies who want equality decided to use this convenient fact to their advantage.  They staged a Topless March.  After all, men can strip off their shirts any time they want, why shouldn't women.  AMEN Sister!  Though, you do basically live in Greenland, I'm pretty sure there aren't droves of men nor women in scantily clad attire when you're lucky to see temperatures over 40!  According to the article by the time it was over nearly 500 people had joined.  These included men in dresses along side the booby showing women. 

This is where karma got its snicker in.  The ladies were less bare breasted beauties and more like rotund raunchy rug-eaters.  Ah well, they were fuzzed out in the video anyway, so maybe it's just as well...I didn't really miss anything.  But fear not loyal/occasional/accidental reader, I will remain an avid amateur investigator for all breaking stories you cannot live with out. 

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