Monday, April 12, 2010

Things Father's Shouldn't Know

I was pulling my credit score today and was given more information than I was expecting.  The folks use a company called Identity Check 24 for their information.  In case you cared, they only give you Experian credit score for free.  Since everyone seems to use Equifax...meaning your FICO score, I guess I'll just have to pay up for the real deal. 

I was about to pull my report when something on the page caught my eye.  This company is an identity theft protection and more service provider.  On the page was a map of my neighborhood and all of the REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS!!!!

It doesn't show their exact address (the last two numbers are XX out) but it does show name, picture, physical stats, and a dot on the friggin' map.  Here is my neighborhood below:
Yes that's 19 creepy pedofile/rapists in my neighborhood.  WE LIVE NEXT TO AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!!!!!  Can I just say that stereotypes really do fit.  Or maybe it's just our survival instinct to be wary of predators.  Every one of the child molesters (scarily the majority of the 19 were this category) had that "Look." 

I'm not sure how to best describe the look, but there is just something sinister in the longing they seem to exude.  I was truly terrified for the little girl in Con Air that Steve Buscemi's character had found.  He played that too well.

I didn't need to be armed with this information.  I'm already a father of a daughter, that my friends is terrifying enough...this though is vigilante inspiring.  I should not have looked.  I'm terrified to walk around the block now.  How can they live so close to an elementary school?  I'm going to get myself worked up and not have a real outlet for my fear and rage. 

The rest appear to be rapists.  Not sure what to think there.  I plan on showing these things to my daughter before she starts dating.  She needs to see that rapists look like normal guys.  As for the pedophiles, I'm not sure how we will have the stranger danger talk.  That'll be a fun discussion with my wife no doubt.

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  1. That look to which you refer is wittily known as a "pedosmile". Learn it, know it, use it!