Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shopping Carts Bring Out The Worst In People

I'm one of those neurotic people who have to have certain things put back in place.  Not everything though mind you.  I don't even know if there is any connection between these things either.  I'm entirely disorganized at work yet before packing up my laptop, I meticulously wrap the cord around my power adapter in the exact same manner every time.  Honestly, if it's wasn't done because I was in a hurry, I've even pulled it out and corrected it at a stop light on the road.  Stupid crap like that, you know?  I'm sure there is a psychological break somewhere from my days in daycare that's sparked it.

Shopping carts are another one of those things.  I'm not the type to always walk it back to the front of the store.  But if it's about the same distance, I'll choose the extra few feet to the door opposed to the cart return.  So when I see crap like this:
I get really irritated.  This was at a local H-E-B grocery store, six cars away...really?  The cart returns are always with in a few second walking distance.  It's not like they make us return them to the front unless of course you're parked friggin' closer to the front.  People just become inexplicably exaggeratedly lazy after they've shopped or something.  Do you punish the store because you chose not to have someone help you out to your car with your groceries?

There is a series of commercials for a local blood donation bank that depict people doing dispicable acts and stating that donating blood will make up for the bad karma essentially.  There is one where a lady is directly beside the cart return and she looks at it, turns and shoves her cart across the aisle into the grass.  I cringe, but that's really what I envision when I see stray carts around.

Every time I visit my store inside a Wal-Mart, inevitably the only open space near the front is occupied by a shopping cart in the space.  I expect lazy here!  It still irritates me none the less.

Here on the other hand is an example of poor planning.  This is a Baby's R Us location.  This is the Expected Mother Parking section.  Fine, I understand it sucks being pregnant in is only April, but I'm not going to judge.  Why wouldn't you put a cart return right next to this section?  Your employees wouldn't even have to walk as far...time is money after all.  Instead note just how far away the return is from the section right in front of the store.  It's going both ways here!

There, that's my only exception.  If you are one of those people who chose this time as your only outlet for laziness, shame on you.  Your mother would be so ashamed.  If you're just lazy and this is no different than your normal way of life, go to hell, the rest of us are tired of cleaning up your messes!  (Exiting the Soap Box Arena)

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