Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reality Check

My boss came to town to go over my annual review.  All went really well, he's happy with my performance, so no worries there.  My company has gone super cheap though.  I mean, they were penny wise and pound foolish to begin, but after our near bankruptcy a couple years ago, it's been rough for everyone who isn't a VP.

We no longer get cost of living adjustments.  We no longer get performance or merit raises.  We get a standard 2% increase if we get a "passing grade" on our reviews.  Let me tell you, it's really depressing knowing that I'll never really get anywhere at this rate...I'm falling a percent and a half every year! They've screwed me before.  They've doubled my work load twice now (I was basically 6 managers for the price of one last year...after pitching a fit last year, I'm only two or three for one) and given me nothing in return for compensation besides a pat on the head and a reminder to just be grateful I have a job.  Yes, it's a crappy company.

So we talked about career pathing.  Basically, I want to move up to make more money and as my manager, it's his job to help me get a way.  I asked him to level with me though.......and he did.........and it sucked!

My next logical step within the company is to be a District Manager of an Airport or of larger territory than I currently run.  The starting pay is between $60 and $70K. 

Me: Would they pay me the appropriate starting wage or would they just bump my pay a little?
Boss:  They'd probably bump you up the max.
Me:  Is the max 50%?
Boss: No, it's closer to 10%.
Me:  Really?  10% is just over 4 grand!
Boss:  Right, and you'd have to fight for that.
Me:  They'd bring someone on from the street at $70K.
Boss:  That's the rub, the internal candidate always gets screwed.
Me:  Then why would anyone stay?
Boss: *shrugs*
Me: They couldn't really expect me to take on a whole new responsibility AND relocate my family for $45K.
Boss: Maybe you should look at lateral moves to bigger cities to build up your base first.  Or go to a poorly performing city and turn it around.  Get noticed more and then have them come after you.
Me:  Basically, work for the same pay or slightly higher in hopes I don't get stuck in some wretched city that they'd never let me leave because it was hard enough to fill in the first place?
Boss:  Just throwing out ideas.
Me: Not feeling very confident right now.

Having a boss who is open and honest with you is a good thing but sometimes that candor comes at a price.

I am not loving my job right now.  I'm definitely hating my company right now.  I need to come up with more money to support my family.  I also need to come up with more money to go back to school and get out of this hell.


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