Friday, April 9, 2010

Race Issues, Confederacy Month

I am a little racist.  I've admitted it before.  I actually think the mentally handicapped and the blind are the only ones who are semi-immune to it.  Our skin is right there for all to see.  Our stereotypical actions are right there for all to see.  Chris Rock and Carlos Mencia wouldn't be able to mock every race on Earth if these stereotypes didn't have serious truth to it.  But I don't hate or fear any group of people.  No matter how much we preach equality, we all still segregate ourselves.  Within our little groups, we all have our crazies and bad apples.  These are the ones who stand out.

I'm going to limit my soap boxing here as I'm a hypocrite for the most part.   I want race issues to be behind us and in the same breath will bitch and moan about Middle Easterners and Asians.  You know what they say about pointing always have three pointing back at yourself.  But I've been seeing posts today from my "brown friends" and my "white friends" about the Virginia Jack Ass who made a proclamation about having a Confederate History Month.  Look, white folks are weirded out by Black History month.  We don't have White History Month because we would all die if we proposed it.  This is the answer!

Any Confederate Pride Person AKA Southern Jack Ass, who tries to say the Civil War wasn't about slavery is technically speaking true words, but they are leaving out the connection we all have with the end of slavery and the Civil War.  It's like someone having Nazi Pride.  Sure there was more going on with WWII than Hitler slaughtering Jews, but no one would ever think Nazi Pride meant anything else.  Same goes for the Civil War.  Slavery is linked to it, regardless of how and why the war began.

As I stated in my Facebook comment to a friend about this topic...We White Republicans need mature a bit and get off that low road we've strolled along to get here.

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