Saturday, April 3, 2010

Parent of the Year Award Goes to...

Parent of the year?  It's not me, that's for damn sure!

We went to a 3-year-old's birthday party today.  Being the day before Easter, there was a definite theme going on.  It's all good, exploit the holiday...we did with ours.  Her birthday falls 3 days after Halloween, so we had a Halloween, costume party for her me too cute having a flock of toddlers in costume.  Back to Easter, there was an Easter Egg Hunt in the back yard.  But like any party, people were inside and out talking and keeping an eye on the lil' 'uns.  We were there about 3 hours, the majority of which was outside.

In case you didn't know (common topic, but for you first timers) me, my wife and daughter are all red heads.  Creepy, I know, but whatever, it's the life we've chosen...wait that's not true, it's genetic, but we've stacked the deck in our favor to breed more of us for the world to deal with.  Any way, we were BAD PARENTS!  We didn't think twice about sunscreen until it was too late.  My little girl, because we live in Texas, gets slathered with SPF 1,000,000 constantly.  Today though, nope, nada, didn't cross our minds until we'd been outside for at least an hour and a half.  Someone was sheilding her eyes from the sun and both my wife and I said "Oh No, she really needs some sunsblock!"

Too late...whatever, being burned is part of a red heads life, it's incredible she's 17 months old before we failed her on this front.  All three of us are pink this evening.  Used the last of our Hawaiian Tropics Lidocane ICE gel.

This is not her only "First" of the day though...that would be too minor.  She got her first busted lip as well.  Like her incredibly coordinated parents she has the occasional misstep.  She was trying to go back inside at the party and slipped off the step and did a face plant into the door frame.  Good grief!  She's bawling, my wife and I sprang to rush her off to the bathroom.  She cut her nose and chin and bloodied her lip.  I'm a really great parent as I snapped off this photo instead of actually helping do anything!
First casualty of the day.  There were a dozen toddlers, so this was not the first injury, but certainly the only involving blood!  There was a kiddie swing hung on the porch that at some point every child rode.  Also at some point every child nearly got a kick in the head as the passed too close to the flight path!  Ours of course was one of the lucky ones to make contact with the soaring child!  She cried some more...we didn't hang out too much longer after that awesome feat of anti-survival instinct kicking in!

So, no, me nor my wife are one of those parents who can carry on conversations while maintaining a constant eye on our child.  You'd think that with 4 eyes, we might be able too keep watch, but sadly reality is not that fantastic.  Our bun in the oven doesn't stand a chance huh?  Two under two, you might as well call child protective services now before we do some real damage...ONLY JOKING PEOPLE!

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