Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Blog

I've made references to being a lazy fat ass before.  I'm only 30 years old and frankly I'm not supposed to be this size or shape.  I've tried several things to drop pounds and get in shape.  All of them have been thrown by the way side because I'm LAZY.  I'm also highly inconsistent. 

The last few months though, I've tried to be extremely consistent with maintaining this blog.  I appreciate those of you who read and especially those of you who follow me.  It's been quite depressing sometimes to look at my meager followers list and realize that ultimately I am doing this more for me and shouldn't worry about who is and who isn't reading my insane thoughts. 

So in the spirit of doing something for me, I've started a second blog.  I am going to log my diet and exercise.  My goal is not to try some crazy fad diet, it is specifically to control portion size, be conscious of caloric and fat in take, and finally incorporate actual exercise into my routine.   The blog will do two things for me that will hopefully keep me on track. First, keeping an actual log of my food will be monumental...it's easy to over eat when you're not actually taking notice.  Second is while I don't have many followers, I still don't want to have to display to everyone just how lazy and fat I remain.  Putting it out there for the "whole world" to see will help keep my perspective focused. 

I am not necessarily excited about this idea, but I'm definitely anxious to make it work.  So if you'd like to support me along the way...or poke fun a little bit, you can find me over here too.

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