Sunday, April 18, 2010

Netflix on Wii

I've been using Netflix since 2002.  Aside from infrequent minor hiccups, I've been very happy with the service I'm paying for.  When I heard PS2 was getting Streaming Instantly I was SOOOO jealous.  I've got a Wii and the exact thought that went through my mind was "It won't take long for them to come out with the Wii version now that they've figure it out and it'll be freaking awesome!"  Well I was half right.  It took them forever to come out with the version for Wii! 

I've used the streaming instantly every so often.  When I first took this job a few years ago, I hadn't been given a laptop yet and was stuck running a very slow store.  I'd bring my personal laptop and aircard and be completely content on those long 10 hour days.  We've watched many movies from bed, at home of hotel, when we didn't have a movie in at the time or if we just really wanted to see something specific. 

I hooked the pc up to the TV once...the red, yellow and black ports don't exist on my laptop so I had to hook speakers up to the pc as well.  Frankly, it was a HUGE pain and for some reason every 5-10 minutes I'd have to reset the full screen viewing.  I'd seriously considered dropping a Benji on the streaming box they came out with a couple years ago.  I opted to save the cash and now am happy I did.

They mailed me out my Wii disc on Thursday.  We didn't try it out until today and it works great.  Two bad points that have noting to do with Netflix whatsoever.  My daughter associates the Wii control with playing, so she's constantly trying to get to it, thus pausing/stopping the viewing.  The real down side shows just how big of couch potatoes my wife and I are.  We watched our first episode of Dr. Who and Dead Like Me.  Seriously, as though TV On Demand wasn't bad enough!  Now we can watch nearly any Television show we want on this thing too.  I know I'll be watching Lost and Heroes finally on it.  I might even get to see the Californications, Dexters and Tudors we've missed since we canceled Showtime.

Gawd, we're awful.  Thank you Netflix for revealing our true nature.

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