Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Out There Now!

We have a wedding to attend in September in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  This will be our first planned travel after our son is born.  I'm not driving a two-month-old and a 22-month-old halfway across the country.  Our daughter can barely handle the 8 hour trip to Oklahoma to visit family.  I think crossing 5 states and a time zone might crush her little spirit...let alone leave me on anti-psychotics the rest of my life.

We've flown several times with our daughter and she does remarkably well.  The last trip was a fluke...I hope...where she literally wore a jar of pureed peaches from my wife, a cup of cola from me and she rocket launched a protein drink all over the three of us.  That was only the first hour of travel!  Like I said though, that was the exception and NOT THE RULE! 

She's a lap child...funny pretty sure that's how you size a dog...lap dog or ain't-gonna-happen dog.  This means we are those people who wrangle their baby during the flight.  I can tell you right now that the level of stress this adds to the flight for the parents FAR OUTWEIGHS  the annoyance of any other passenger.   Besides, my baby is so cute that people don't notice the crazy crap she does...yes these are the delusions of a proud parent...but really, she's a great baby in public.

Last night we booked our flight on Jet Blue.  Love this company...first bag free, more comfortable seats, and happier passengers and crew.  The best reason of all?  Drum roll, please!  They are the only direct flight from Austin to Ft. Lauderdale and the price is nearly the same as others with a lay over.

Other companies have you provide the birth certificate for your lap children when you check your bags and they give you boarding passes for them attached to your own.  Jet Blue asked for their information up front.  They wanted Names and Birth Dates.  No biggie, right?  I filled out our daughter's name and birth date.

Then I had to input our second lap child's info.  OUR SON IS NOT HERE YET!  Hmmm.  First off, the name we've chosen for our son was decided upon two or three months ago.  Then like a wrecking ball, my wife demolished my world and wants a different name!  It's my card and my Jet Blue goes my son's name (Maniacal Laughter)!  There it's out in the world, try changing it now lady!  There also isn't a birthday yet because he hasn't been born!  I selected his due date as the birthday.  Amazingly that worked.  Now I ask myself, did it work because they don't really care since it's a lap child?  Did it work because I'm purchasing a flight 5 months in advance?  Does technology understand time and space in a deeper way than the humans who created and use it?  Probably not, its just a number field without restrictions like REALITY to trip it up.

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