Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Eleventh Hour

Just finished filing my taxes.  We began filing in February.  Turbo Tax has been my friend for 10 years now!  With my wife only working half of last year and having ZERO withheld from her unemployment we didn't make as much as we usually do, nor did we pay as much in as we usually do.  We were set up to receive $9 total return.  With the $40 we had to pay to Turbo Tax, I wasn't really in a rush to net a negative figure.

Single digits means something good though.  It means I didn't owe...Can I get a Hell Yeah?  It also means Uncle Sam wasn't out on the town with my money the whole year.  It's the small victories.

I sat down this evening and realized we hadn't imputed our student loan interest.  Hooray for an extra $300 coming to us!!!!  It may have been more but Sallie Mae wouldn't let me on her site to find my info.  Here's what she had to say about it!  
Screw you too Ms. Mae for keeping my tied up in an endless loop of online forms just to make me call you so you can record my acknowledgment of overdue student loans...Bitch!  We pulled the wife's info, so at least there is something going in.  I also found the info paid on my other student loan, so happiness to at grand total of $309 going into my bank account in a week or so!

I will say this to Turbo Tax though...y'all are dicks for upping the price $10 midway through tax season.  I got an email warning me to file by the end of March to avoid it.  I think they were trying to show impressive figures for Q1 2010...all about the Share Holders in this economy!  Whatever though, by waiting, I got a little summun extra.  Happy Tax Day!


  1. Filed mine at the last minute, too. I never complain about the amount, but the process drives me nuts. Beware the Nanny Tax, dude!

  2. Nanny Tax? Never heard of it...hittin' google now.