Monday, April 26, 2010

Craigslist - The Underbelly of Crime

New York Times article this morning has me wondering if TV an Movies maybe warped my expectations of our Law Enforcement Community.  The article basically talks about the triple revenue that will be generated for Craigslist ($36 Million) from the advertisements for Prostitution and Human Trafficking. 

Last year Craigslist had to change one of it's categories from Erotic Services to Adult Services.  Honestly, a lot of people panicked when they announced the section was being removed...where were they going to find hookers now?  A huge sigh of relief came when they announced they were changing the title of the category.  "Gots to find me a submissive!"  I didn't realize they charged for the postings.  It'd make sense that since we all know what's going on and to keep pranksters out of the mix (this is a company/organization trying to make a dime) that they'd collect a fee for the ad.

My issue with this is, how hard would it be to really crack down on this kind of stuff?  They are supposedly also selling sex slaves through the same ad space.  If a whore can post an ad on the back of a local rag and not worry, I don't think they are concerned about the stuff online either.  But human trafficking?  Shouldn't our FBI and Local Police be trolling the site for these kinds of postings?  Intercept the messages between the "buyers" and "sellers?"

Ever watched Law & Order: SVU or any internet based crime on TV or Movie?  Hell, to catch a predator for that matter!  They hack accounts and follow web searches and links all the time.  Why would Craigslist be any different? You get the info and catch them in the act!  It seems like a no-brainer to me.  Maybe that's why I'm a civilian and not the popo.  Just put Chris Hansen on patrol and we'll have this nipped in the bud in no time!

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