Friday, April 9, 2010

Cabrito...Yes I Ate a Baby Goat!

We were out and about this evening running errands.  Afterward, we needed sustenance.  I'd passed this El Paso style Tex-Mex place many time and tonight was it's opportunity to shine!  We stopped in during the end of Happy Hour.  They had a free, self-serve-mini-appetizer bar which was cool...queso, beans, cheese quesadillas, etc.  The happy hour margarita was neither here nor there, but as I was finishing it I heard the waiter tell another table they had Negro Modelo on tap.

Negro Modelo ON TAP!!!  Hands down, the reason I will return.  I've never found a place outside of Tia's Tex-Mex that even has Dos Equis Amber on tap.  (Darkish Mexican Beers estan muy bueno)  This was monumental for me...fine, I might have an alcohol problem.

The icing on the cake was that the food was really good.  Tina had tortilla soup and an El Paso style enchilada.  Berlin ate my beans...really good too.  I enjoyed something entirely new to me.  Cabrito.  I saw the name and instantaneously envisioned "El Chupa Cabra!" (Mexican Urban Legend along the same lines as our Big Foot or the Nepalese Yeti or French Loup Garou)  Chupa Cabra literally translates to Goat Sucker. I don't know why there is a tie to sucking ala vampires, but this little monster supposedly attacks people as they cross the country side...NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN...MWAHAHAHA!

Cabrito thus means little goat.  This dish was literally slow roasted baby goat.  It was served with grilled onions and peppers and guacamole.  I know, I know, I'm a bad person for eating a baby anything!  Those of you who have ever enjoyed veal know what's up.  This was awesome.  It was tender, flavorful, all around good freaking food!

I highly recommend this place...even though my wife hated the enchilada.  I liked it, it was very traditional Tex-Mex, especially from El Paso.  Go, enjoy.


  1. I used to go to a little taqueria in Santa Ana California that served pretty good goat tacos. I also got to try brain,tongue,head?,pork,beef and chicken tacos. Carne asada was the best. I bet they used old goats. :)

    I think you're right about those wooden things in the water. They look like part of an old pier.

  2. Head...probably face meat...AKA Barbacoa...tasty stuff.

    I'm leery about tongue, but like many other crazy stuff I've tried, if I don't know what I'm eating at first, I don't have a preconceived dislike.

    Brain on the other hand...only if I get to be Indiana Jones in trade.