Friday, April 2, 2010

Body by Jake - Tower 200...Step 1, Open the Box!

A couple blogs I follow have a Friday Confessional.  I like the idea and will steal it for the moment.  For the moment because I'll never be able to commit to a regularly scheduled post...let alone maintain it.  If you'd like to read some other people's really funny versions of Friday are Texas Britches and Glamazon.  Alas, mine will not contain their wit or list-mastery!  With that warning shot fired, onward we march!

I'm a little out of shape.  Yes, I know round is a shape, but seriously!  The depressing weight gain the last half of my twenties bestowed upon me is one thing, but I'm also much weaker than I should be.  I have been successfully putting off exercising for about five years.  It's evident but I'll spare you the proof.  Before my wife and I got married we took dance lessons for about three months.  I loved it, it was fun but got me moving so it really wasn't like exercising.  We went back a year later and started up again...this time with many more types of dance and subsequently, lots more exercise on a regular basis.  I lost weight and my shoulders and arms were toning up from holding my frame constantly.  She got pregnant and one evening of swing and two step spins and twirls ended that stint.  We haven't gone back and now are cooking up baby number two, so slim chance of speedy return.

I've made some really stupid purchases over the years with weight loss in mind.  I've put over 200 miles but under 5 months of use into a three or four hundred dollar bicycle...over 10 years ago.  I forgot to cancel a pill subscription and by the time I stopped it and sent back the order (without using it nor getting a refund - not going there, I'm still in a good mood right now) I'd spent around $300.  But the one from last month is still with me.  Sitting behind me on the futon in the office is an opened, but not used TOWER 200 from Body by Jake.

Here's the gist, it is a cabled weight machine without the machine.  It hooks on to any door and instantly you have a weight machine in your home.  It comes with an eleven minute work out routine from MMA Fighter, Randy "The Natural" Couture.  Sounds too good to be true you say?  Eleven minutes?  Who couldn't find eleven minutes for their health and ego?  [Waving hand and pointing down]
I'm on day 17 of my 30 day trial, assuming it begins with the receiving of the box and not the initial order.  That contraption sitting under it's own box, a pillow and throw blanket is still in it's original form out of the box.  I have not even popped the DVD in to see what it's all about.  I have definitely not tried to affix it to a door.  And there wasn't ever a semblance of trying it out going on! 

I'm feeling a twinge of guilt and a glimmer of curiosity as I type this.  I will probably break this thing out now that my wife and daughter are asleep and at least watch the DVD.  I'll post an official review once I've willed my lazy butt to use it!  Wish me luck.  Turns out it was good to get this off my chest...lets hope the follow through is half what I think it could be.

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