Monday, March 22, 2010

Wooden Sushi Set w/ Realistic Chopping Sound

I love shopping for toys!  My daughter is 17 months old and loves books and anything that stacks, nests in something else or plays music.  Any smaller toys have shed their original purpose though, they all go into an old Kleenex box or baby wipes container or bucket or other type of container she can come up with.  She's been playing this game since she was 9 months old.  Then, she took a pink reusable water container and would cram it full of wooden or plastic blocks, letters and puzzle pieces.  Yesterday she removed all of the wipes from a reusable travel sized container and replaced them with the crayons from her kids menu.  No clue what skill it's teaching her...she still only gets one out of 20 shapes into that blue and red ball thingy!

I found this the other day and loved it.  The store had tons of "rustic toys." They had knitted foods like fruit, baked goods, ice cream cones, etc.  My favorite of those were the grapes and the ice cream cones...the pretzel looked like dog poop.  They also had an entire section of wooden food kits.  Grill shish ka bobs, hamburger fixin's etc.  Then I spotted this:

That's what I'm talking about!  Make them serve you sushi at the next freaking tea party!  But what is a realistic chopping sound?  Are we talking wood clicking together?  Cause I'm pretty sure that means the cat and mouse puzzle she has also comes with realistic chopping sounds.  Wait, is that a cleaver...awesome!?! 

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