Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Does My Cat's Pee Smell Like Curry?

My cat Jack has been in our family for over seven years!  That's almost as long as I've been with my wife.  That's freaking commitment!  We've had our ups and downs like any relationship (back to the cat, that sentence would have been less polite otherwise).  He has anxiety issues (I'll spare you an entire blog of my cat's psychological history).

This weekend a friend of mine was in town and stayed the night.  I closed all the bedroom doors, including the office that night to make it easy for my friend to find the bathroom and the way back to his room in the middle of the night.  OK, so I'm a little neurotic when I have house guests.  But we were drinking and I wanted to make it as easy as possible.  Whatever!
Jack was locked in his room slash my office for a long time...probably 12 hours or so.  The thing I love about cats is that aside from needing me to refill their water and food, they are self sufficient.  He has a litter box...not like a dog that has to be walked or he'll trash your house!  Whoops.  I heard him frantically pawing at the office door in the middle of the night, but I was drunk and sleepy, so I ignored him.  He showed me!  Tina walked into the office and let him out the next day and came back and said "you have to clean that up!"  She looks at my friend and says, you know a perk of being pregnant is not having to clean up cat shit.

Damn it Jack!  In case you didn't know, cats are vindictive...kinda like women.  He punished me by climbing up on top of my brief case and taking a massive crap.  This was no easy task either, it was propped up against the shredder so he had to back his ass up onto the bag to make sure the right angle was maintained to keep the turds from rolling right back down onto the floor.  Yeah, probably should have warned you that this was going to get gruesome ahead of time.  I'd apologize but, you're the one who clicked on a post about cat pee smelling like curry!  OK, so I cleaned it up and life went on.

The next day, I was working in the office and Tina comes in and says, OMG, it smells like cat pee in this room.  Not sure how I hadn't noticed it, but i have my suspicions...not prepared for that kind of TMI just yet!  So later that day, another friend stops by and I threw on a hat to run outside to get something for her out of my car.  I suddenly was enveloped in curry...straight yellow curry in a freaking can, not simmering aromatics, just overwhelmingly, stereotypically, Indian.  The smell grew stronger as I left the house and outside was just overwhelming.  I came back and ask our friend if she smelled it and she gave me a look like...you mean cat piss? Yes, yes I do!  But she only shook her head, no!

Tina said the office still smelled like cat pee, so she lit a candle and told me to find it and clean it.  I didn't, but a revelation hit me in the middle of the night.  That little shit peed on my hat!  I woke up and grabbed it and walked it straight to my wife and said, smell this, does it smell like cat pee?  I thought she was going to punch me in the face because yes, oh god yes, it does!  I tossed the hat in the garage.

Vindictive, poop on my bag, pee on my hat, jerk.  But why does it smell like curry to me?  That's just weird.   I switched him to an organic cat food last month, so I'm thinking it must just have some herbs and spices that have altered his system...or I'm freaking nuts and am associating cat pee with some of my favorite food in some psychological break of my own.


  1. first of all, that cat is huge

    second of all, that cat is huge

    third of all, my cat was named jack too.

    he lived 13 yrs.

    died of the cat AIDS

    for reals

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  2. you leave great comments and i would love to respond via email but i can not b/c you haven't enabled it on your account

    Here's how to get email responses to the comments you leave on blogs: Customize, Dashboard, Edit Profile, and click Show My Email Address, Scroll down and click Save Profile. If you don't want to use your regular email address, get one for your blog. I did.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the email Kelly. I'm sorry to hear about your Jack. I don't know if I could deal with an illness of that magnitude. Let alone that 13 years comes with quite a bond!