Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Kind of a Person Steals a Wedding Ring?

A customer at one of my stores left his wedding ring in a car he returned back in December. The car was rented out afterward and the agent didn't see the ring. They contacted the customer driving the car and she said she had the ring and would return it when she brought the car back. Instead of returning to the store, she dropped it at the airport location. No ring was returned.

The original guy, who I'm sure has been sleeping on the couch since he got home, called to find out if she'd brought the ring back. They informed him she hadn't and called her. She said she'd bring it by the next time she rents a car, which was fairly regularly.

She shows up and a different agent is checking her out. He ran her debit card and the credit check came back as negative and we couldn't rent the car to her. That didn't go over well. She told him to tell the other agent to kiss that wedding ring goodbye. OH HELL!
They called the guy to let him know the situation. He understood that we had no liability and couldn't give out her info either. But now he came back in this week to find out what he could do. I told them to have him file a police report with all of the details and our legal department would turn over any necessary info to the police.

Sure finders keepers, but how trashy do you have to be to steal someone else's wedding ring?

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