Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Texas Republican Primary

We voted in the Texas Primary today. I voted for Kinky Friedman last time for governor because I knew Perry was a shoe in and I think Kinky is hilarious. This time not so much. Kay Bailey Hutchison seems like she could stand a chance of usurping him. I don't want to see Farouk Shami beat out Bill White in the running, but I think Kay could beat Rick before Farouk could beat Bill.

So, here is my not so secret ballot!
I voted against the sonogram question. This wasn't an actual proposal, just a question to republicans to find out what the candidates should be championing. They asked if mothers aborting children should have to be shown a sonogram prior to the abortion. I said no. My wife said yes.
Her argument was that it is a way of checking how far along the baby actually is so women don't lie and abort later term pregnancies. She didn't see the part about women having to see them. Her point is completely valid. My thought is, I don't want the government to force someone to be in an abortion clinic if they don't have to be. Crazy Christians blow these places up. Imagine a Ultrasound Technician dying because of a bomb and Texas government dictated that position was required to be in the facility. So mine is more straw than anything else, but still we are in opposition.
I think republicans should give up trying to over throw Roe v Wade. It drives away voters from the republican party when it will never be repealed.

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