Friday, March 19, 2010

SXSW - Black Queen Speaks

I'm a bad Austinite!  During the chaos and excitement that is South by Southwest, I usually only see a band or two play.  I've never paid for the wristbands or badges, let alone taken off work for it.  But really, it's also fun to just pick a random place to go have a few drinks and watch a free show.  IT'S WHAT WE DO HERE IN AUSTIN!  I have to be honest too, in the last 5 years, aside from watching a friend's band play, I couldn't tell you the name of one band I've listened to.  My Rock-n-Rolla friends would give me the look of disappointed disbelief right now.

Whatever though, I support my friends.  Music is everywhere.  I'd go insane trying to "map out a band list and venue route."  So another friend is in town playing Texas Rockfest this weekend and I'm taking it one step further...I'll promote him on a blog that doesn't even get read! 

Black Queen Speaks is a band that will, in the words of it's lead singer, "ROCK YOUR FACE OFF!"  To steal another fantastic comparison for their music.  There are bands that sing about love who try to get into a girls' pants.  Then there is BQS who balls-to-the-wall rock out with real soul who get into girls' pants.

Check out their page but more importantly if you're in beautiful ATX today, March 19th, or tomorrow March 20th come hang out with the band. On the 19th they will be playing @ Malaia @ 10pm. On the 20th the guys will be on an outside stage on the corner of 7th & Neches @ 2pm.

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