Sunday, March 14, 2010

Painted Daisies, Painted Horses, Painted Poodles?

I recall hearing about a woman who dyed her Poodle Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Day and subsequently went to jail for animal abuse.  I've also received an email forward showing off the incredible "face painting" on cats.  So where is the line drawn? 

We were at the Zilker Park Kite Festival today and ran across this on the way back to our car.
In case this doesn't translate well, that is a standard poodle with a not so standard hair style.  That mohawk is green folks.  Funny I had just remarked to my wife after passing a grown ass man with a mohawk that they don't look good on anyone...let alone overweight 40-year-olds.  Little did I know this was lurking just around the corner.  Although, in all honesty, it's probably the only way the dude allowed this as a pet.  "Honey, he's gotta look tough or I'm not walking him!"  Way to put your foot down dude!

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