Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars

Do the Award shows have a relevance any more? They seem to dote on the same small select group of films. If there is a moderately big film about homosexuality, anti-war, black power, or whatever they are championing that year, it will be guaranteed in the running for all major awards. I wonder if the actors and directors see how laughably predictable they and the whole industry have become in regards to the award season.
Alright, enough chastising, I still watch the shit, so I'm part of the problem!
I liked last year's music overload with Hugh Jackman and this year's opening number followed suit. Anyone who missed NPH's coming out party a couple years ago couldn't miss it on stage last night!

I liked the idea of a duo of hosts, but Alec Baldwin seemed to be really off. Steve Martin made me laugh. Maybe Alec had "uncomfortable comedy" written for him and it was intentional, but I doubt it.
Miley may have looked like a hooker, but her earrings were cool. The top of Sandra Bullock's dress was killer, but her hair was blah! I officially hate everything Meryl Streep wears to award shows. Glad to hear SJP getting some flack since she seemed to be the golden girl for a decade. Kate Winslet looked freaking H-O-T, Hot!

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