Thursday, March 18, 2010

Money Rant Vol. 2 - Wellfare/Section 8

Continuing my rant about money issues today. I can't buy a house, but lots of folks who shouldn't can! Offenders on the top of my list today are folks on Welfare.

I understand there are circumstances where a woman has no job, way to many kids and a deadbeat baby daddy who won't pay child support. I think that about sums up the only possibility I find acceptable. Social Security and Disability do not apply to this conversation.

Section 8 is government-subsidized housing. Meaning, the guvmint took an area of town, or neighborhood and decided the cost must be slashed...Crazy Eddie's Outlet Furniture style.

Section 8 rental and section 8 home ownership should be separate entities. Rent for Welfare, Own for working adults that have too many kids and a deadbeat baby daddy.

If we as taxpayers have to support your ass, you do not get to own property. This is cut and dry in my mind. If you don't have a job and cannot support your own family, you should not be able to buy a home with the government discount.

I'm not putting a ton of thought or research into this one because I will just get angrier and angrier with the people who abuse the system to get free shit on my dime.

Take care of your family. Work for a living. If you still need assistance, fine. You don't get to be a total slacker ass druggie and have me help you out with your homeownership while I'm still paying rent and not a mortgage.

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