Monday, March 1, 2010

Married v Single; Kids v No Kids

I found myself psychoanalyzing past relationships with a buddy today. We talked about sex primarily and the psychology behind single women and single men around the act. I'm not going to go into any fun details, so I'm sorry to get your hopes up. I do notice though, I'm basically having to defend the concept of marriage and offspring to him.

I had to verbalize things that I've never really put thought into. It's not to say I thought nothing about getting married and having children, just when you are in the moment, things happen organically without excessive thought.

I was telling him how we were both OK not getting married and just living our lives together forever. When we (I) changed my mind about NO kids, we started talking about marriage. She and I both agreed that since we are going to stay together, we didn't want our children to deal with the whole bastard/out of wedlock BS. After all, we weren't stereotypical Oklahoma teens...we made it to our 20's/30's without having babies. So why become a negative statistic? Besides, we love one another and families with the same last name is the societal norm (ahem MOM).
He seems OK to never get married, let alone never having children. I've talked to some of my kid-less couple friends as well as my buddy about my theory on kids. I think everyone (because it's in our DNA) eventually wants progeny. Some people don't realize it and have children because they are stupid and didn't use protection. Some people realize it and cannot have them. Some people realize it when time has passed them by. I feel sorry for all people in these categories. Tina and I are lucky we don't fall into them either.

I guess this is why we have countless books and TV shows on the topic of family, children, marriage, single life, sex and everything in between!

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