Friday, March 12, 2010

Life with Kids Means Getting a Little Poop on Your Hands

My daughter was sitting on my lap in the office when I noticed her diaper was wet.  I told her to go have mommy changer her diaper.  She got down and waddled off.  My wife heard the comment so I assumed she was going to take care of it.  I was wrong. 

My daughter came back into the office with a dirty diaper in one hand and a clump of poop in the other.  She understands things SOOO well now that she was getting me the accoutrement to complete my request.

She didn't take hers off or anything.  My wife just hadn't emptied the last dirty one into the toilet yet so it was down at her level and she was making due with what she had access to.  She laughed and played as soapy water ran over her hands after I had screamed for my wife to help.

Guess that about sums up my life now.  So proud of how smart my child is becoming, even if there is a pile of poop to clean up afterward.

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