Saturday, March 6, 2010

Flip Flops Are BACK!

Years ago my lovely wife, then girlfriend, bought me my first pair of flip flops. My dad hates them, so I never wore them. I absolutely love them now. I have several pairs from super cheap to super nice.
My favorite pair broke last year in Oklahoma while we were at Lake Spavinaw. Seriously as if I literally stepped out of a Jimmy Buffet song, I blew out my flip flop! I hobbled along with the broken strap which was stupid, but the ground around the lake was so harsh I had to struggle to save my feet. In the water, I tripped on the broken one and ripped the whole thing apart as I fell on my face.

So the time has come, the weather is great and I get to sport the world's easiest foot wear again!

Show your toes ladies and gentlemen! Flip Flops are Back!

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