Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Erykah Badu Strips in Daeley Plaza for Window Seat Video

I just watched new video Window Seat from Erykah Badu after I'd read an article on CNN.com about how controversial it was.  The video is filmed handy cam style as she walks down the sidewalk of Daeley Plaza in Dallas and takes off all of her clothes.  This was not a closed set, there were tourists (including families with children) all around as she did her thing.

I respect her as an artist for making a statement against Group Think while making a video for her music.  The idea of making decisions for yourself, speaking out about them and not always following the crowd is something that should be instilled in every child...not the utter indoctrination we have in the typical family around the world.  Deciding where your moral compass points and what values to uphold should not be mandated by anyone...it's within each of us to find our own.  That said, it is also hard to separate your own thoughts from those of your parents, teachers, celebrities whom you are surrounded by.  What is original? Or what have you decided should be important because someone important to you said it?

In no way am I offended by her nudity around children.  I think it is a taboo that hurts kids in the long run.  I don't think we should be in a nudist colony, but I certainly think people and kids especially should be comfortable in their own skin.  They should also see the beauty in real people and the power and majesty of mechanics of our own bodies and not just what Hollywood portrays. 

I do think though that people forget that respecting an individual goes both ways.  There is a fine line between respecting the views of your fellow people and censorship.  Freedom of speech and expression is a right that we all have.  There is courage also in knowing when your words or actions will hinder more than forward progress.  Just because you can say or do it, doesn't mean you should or there is a positive need for it.  Group Think is not always wrong.  The idea that the majority are sheep or lemmings fits many times.  But just because you have an independent thought doesn't mean those who oppose it are wrong for their theory.  Sometimes you need to reevaluate your own opposition, maybe you aren't as progressive as the rest.  But like Erykah, have the courage of your convictions if you do think differently. 

I think what Erykah Badu did here sparked conversation which should ultimately be the goal of controversy working toward change.  I wouldn't have had courage to strip naked and stroll through Dallas for my cause!

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