Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democrats' Victory, Obamacare Passes

I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL CONTAINS. Every news station says something different. I know my gut tells me it shouldn't have gone down this way. My ignorance has allowed me to understand things very superficially, just like the people in #17 (you'll understand that reference in a second) So without further ado, here are my 20 steps to making Health Care Reform:
1.) Bill was written. 2.) Obama Liked it. 3.) Every democrat and minority loves it because Obama wants it. 4.) Senate gets it. 5.) No one Reads it. 6.) Everyone Hates it. 7.) No one will sit and come up with a solution using ideas from a large roundtable of experts; the bill can be amended, but DO NOT SCRAP THE BILL AND START OVER. 8.) Obama keeps saying he has nothing to do with the bill...don't hate it because you hate me! 9.) Senate Passes it. 10.) Republicans freak out. 11.) Democrats continue talking trash. 12.) Republicans talk trash back. 13.) Democrats and Republicans are in the same situation as always...ALL PARTIES ARE ILLINFORMED AND ONLY AGREE THAT THE OTHER IS OBVIOUSLY WRONG. 14.) Hollow threats about Democrats passing the bill by shady means send Republicans in a tizzy. 15.) Politicians take time off to make up for the extra long weekend they are going to have to work. 16.) Bill passes House. 17.) Every famous person from Sports Figures, Actors, Musicians, Journalists, Media Whores to Politicians tout what a great victory and step forward for America! 18.) None of the people in # 17 including those who passed the bill know what the fuck it's about and none will actually have to use it. 19.) American still has no clue what just happened. 20.) Martinis and Champagne are being drank by the gallons in DC and Hollywood!
If it fails Republicans will blame Democrats for shoving it down our throats and Democrats will blame Republicans for not helping make it better. I do know that Health Care workers don't want it and Lawyers do. That, my friends is, a bad omen. I've also heard about a BUNCH of people who will still be left out from the bill. Guess I'm going to have to borrow one of the hundreds of unread copies of the bill from the members of congress who blindly passed or rejected the bill to find out for myself what's coming.

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