Saturday, March 20, 2010

Death at a Funeral

A couple years ago I watched an absolutely hilarious movie called Death at a Funeral. Brief synopsis...a family's patriarch dies and an assorted group of people in funny situations come to his funeral. A midget (Peter Dinklage) arrives and in the midst of utter chaos involving attempted/accidental murder and accidental drug use among other funny situations, drops a bombshell about he and the father having a gay affair. My wife and I loved the movie. Oddly enough, it's not the only funeral related comedy (really, it's not unique) we love...Four Weddings and a Funeral and Eulogy were AWESOME TOO!

I'm watching a trailer for a film this evening and I kept going "they totally ripped that off of Death at a Funeral" or "wow, straight out of Death at a Funeral!" Suddenly Peter Dinklage appears and drops the gay midget bombshell. WTF? This is SOOOO Death at a Funeral. Then the title appears and it is Death at a Funeral. They redid the movie...two years later. The difference...aside from a slew of huge stars including Danny Glover, Chris Rock, Luke Wilson, Martin Lawrence, Zoe Saldana, James Marsden, Tracy Morgan and probably a ton of others I'm missing, is they've flipped it from a bunch of white Brits to a bunch of Black Americans.

OK, I get it, it was an Indy Brit Black Comedy and even though it was ABSOLUTE GENIUS, it probably didn't get the blockbuster $$$ they were looking for. So now it's a Black American Comedy. Notice the placement of those adjectives. May be subtle...I hope I'm mistaken...but the original was hilarious in the "I shouldn't be laughing" way...please don't let this one be "dumbed down for America funny."

If you've never seen the original...seriously came out in 2007...pick it up and enjoy. It was also directed by Frank Oz who is fantastic and had a naked Alan Tudyk whom I love. k I'll definitely Netflix the new one when it is available and reserve the rest of my judgment for then.

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