Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bradley Method

Let me start by saying my wife is a bad ass, she did so freaking awesome giving birth to my daughter with hardly any complaint or sounds, that I truly think she could take on any challenge the world could throw at her.So when we went to the Birthing Classes before Berlin it was basically a bunch of videos preparing us for what was going to happen and eventually we would get to Lamaze. Well, we only made it 3 weeks before Tina's water broke and we had Berlin.

The experience was difficult for Tina in that she didn't expect her 4 weeks early and the doctor put her on Pitocin as soon as we got to the hospital to "speed up" the contractions. It makes them much more painful too. She didn't know she could get up and use the bathroom because she had the monitors attached. Had she said ANYTHING I would have been able to help her out a little more than I did. But that's what Tina does, she clams up and just deals with pain. I instructed them to put the epidural in because she may not be able to communicate, but I know my wife.

This time we are taking a 12 week course called the Bradley method. Basically tapping into the animal instincts of quiet relaxation, calm environment and preventing problems by having a healthy pregnancy to begin with. None of the hyperventilation that Lamaze has you do, more deep breathing. It's also about the coach reading the mom to help her relax.

Honestly, I think it's crap. She did really well the first time. Now that we know what to expect somewhat, I think this time will be really successful too. She of course trumps anything I say because she is the one carrying the child. So eleven more weeks to go...we'll see how it goes. I think we basically just bought new friends for a few months for a couple hundred dollars.

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