Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's in a Name?

My name is unusual (Dorn). I am a junior, so I can't call it unique nor original. My wife's name isn't overly common (Tina), but isn't weird in any way like my own. So when we were naming our daughter, Jennifer, Jessica, Megan, Rachel, and other pretty common names weren't even up for grabs.
Don't get me wrong, I love Emily and Olivia, but they are the new Jane and Joan. Every name we came up with has a back story but I'm not going to go into any of them right now. We didn't know what we were having so we decided on two names. Roman Elijah and Berlin Elise. Obviously thematic, neither common, but neither whackadoo. My daughter is Berlin Elise Permenter, very strong yet feminine, no?
So, we've been working with new names for this second pregnancy. My wife likes Lorelei Clementine and I leaned toward Juliet Elizabeth. Both are ridiculously long names paired with my last name. We settled on Lorelei Juliet. The boy was even more debatable. We have Keiran Alexander, Declan Rhys and Finnegan Garrett. Guess what, we are having a boy. Figures doesn't it? Girl name, check. Not a girl, hmm.

Keiran is rather effeminate, so I think that one is off the table for now. I really love Declan, but our friends and family do not. That leaves Finn. It really is a fun name once shortened. The reception for Finn isn't 100% either. Most of my buddies suggest their own names...FYI, no, that's just weird. My deceased best friend is the exception as his name would be Finn's middle name.

Now, I've done it three times here and it would probably carry over into his life, I'd be shortening his name to Finn instead of Finnegan. General rules of thumb naming a child: 1.) Do not let them get made fun of because of their name (more than usual) because you can prevent it. 2.) Do not use your child's middle name as their first (Like myself, mother and'd think they would have learned how fucked up that can be, alas they did it any way) teachers and bosses are easily confused. 3.) Do not name a child something you intend to shorten, just shorten it on the birth certificate or go all the way.

So much pressure, this sticks with them for a lifetime (unless they become a star or have a sex change or become a criminal). This also shapes their personality in many ways. Ever thought Dweezil would be normal? Ever met a Jim or Scott you'd never forget?

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