Monday, February 15, 2010

Technologically Retarded

Between the IPhones, my work phone, our laptops, our desktop, the Wii, and my work laptop, we have Internet access from EIGHT places in our home.

Every stinking one of them is a different version of something. Obviously the IPhones are the same and my work cell and the Wii aren't really a problem. That said, HELLOOOO Adobe!!! Allow Mac/Iphone Safari users to view Flash content!
My work laptop has restrictions that the company placed to prevent me from downloading BAD things. So I don't have Flash player or Video Clip watching capabilities on my work laptop. No clue how to get around that, but it would be nice if I had. They also uninstalled the latest version of Internet Explorer because of some bug or whatever.

My desktop has a seriously outdated version of Adobe Acrobat but every time I try to update it, Adobe runs across some issue and cannot do it. Flash is the same way on both of our laptops. So I keep being told by website after website that my Internet Explorer is out of date and I need to switch to a more modern web browser.

So Youtube has a link to IE8 which I've tried multiple times to download and it runs into an error (surprise surprise, just like Adobe) and doesn't complete. I downloaded their little fix it program. The new error said something else was trying to restart the system so once again it couldn't be completed. For the 5th time, I attempted to do it again. Now it's back to square one with the original error.
Fuck this shit! These programmers are the IT nerds, shouldn't they just be able to work around issues as it installs? Hello geeks, you're not working with a blank slate on peoples PCs, what do people who are totally technically retarded doing? I hated Google Chrome, slowed my PC down something awful, so that option is out. I can use Firefox and probably should, but Fuck man, I don't want to be pushed into it simply because Microsoft is unable to do anything but waste hours of my life! ARGH!

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