Monday, February 8, 2010

Tallywacker sighting!

Well, the ultrasound says so anyway! He's already 9 ounces, crazy no? I didn't even realize we could find out this early...17.5 weeks.

We did not find out with Berlin before she was born if she was a boy or girl. The surprise was fun, but stressful all the same. This time I didn't want to wait. I'm glad I didn't, we have very few boy things (yes a few as everyone assumed Berlin was a boy, after all, all pregnant women have and want boys right?) just green and yellow or girly stuff.

So, I wanted a boy with the first one but knew she was a girl before she was born. This one, I wanted another girl. I thought two girls under two years a part would be closer than any other arrangement. But I knew this one was a boy. Guess that psychic Scorpio trait is coming out huh?

I'm going to have a SON! Incredible, now we just have to settle on a name.

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