Sunday, February 7, 2010

Special Olympians

My wife's Aunt, Uncle and Cousin stayed with us last night. They came to town so her cousin, Blair, could bowl in the Special Olympics State tournament. It was a team competition, one with two Special Olympians and two sponsors. Blair Boy's team came in first in their flight! Way to go buddy, high game of 201. I'm pretty sure his brother owes him a steak dinner for that score. Here he is with his gold medal!It reminded me of high school when I would work with my sister's class mates and help out at her Special Olympics meets and whatnot. I'm going to be father to a second child soon. I have to start being the example of what I want my kids to become. Giving back to the community is something I really believe is important. This might be a good avenue for me to go toward as I have a lot of experience and frankly not everyone is cut out to work with the handicapped. I'll give it some thought and research before I settle on anything.

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