Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Presumptuous Biyatches!

I've been telling my coworkers and employees that we are expecting a son in July. People hate to be left out, so at this point, I'm trying to head off the rumor mill before it hits people I actually care somewhat about.

The problem is, people keep saying "Ooh, now you have one of each. You don't need to have any more." People tell me about their sister having 4 boys before she got her girl. Their husband insisting on having another until he got his boy.

Really? Is this the only thing people think about with children? You have to have one of each, boy and girl. Sure it's the 1950's television version of the perfect nuclear family, but it's not what I want. I do like this take on the Nuclear Family ; )
I'm in the minority of educated, semi-intelligent Americans I guess. I want a big family. Granted big to me is four children, but still. Westerners typically only produce one to two children per couple. That's the wrong ratio to prolong the species people!
The mental rejects are the ones having multiple children. America's brightest are reluctant to reproduce for a number of reasons. Most seem to be waiting for the right time. Whether that is financially, age-wise, career-wise or whatever, they all seem to have their excuse. The perfect time will never come...have your children, everything will fall into place or you'll have to work at it, either way you are living life and making it worth it. Those who choose not to "bring a child into this world" are just adding to the problem, not helping solve it. Don't die without anyone to carry on your life or at least have yours truly intertwined with theirs. I guarantee you Oprah regrets not having her own heirs!
This is a call to action to all above average intelligent humans! Make babies with your superior DNA! Do not let the gene pool continue to "dumb down" because only uneducated religious nuts (yes I'm talking about you Catholics, Muslims, Mormons and Baptists!) overpopulate our planet. For a laugh and a frightening view of our future if things continue in the same direction, rent Idiocracy (with Maya Rudolph, Dax Shepard and Luke Wilson).

"You have one of each, now you're done!" Screw you, you presumptuous Biyatches!

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