Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plane Crashes into an Austin Building

Holy Crap. About an hour ago a single engine plane crashed into a building in NW Austin. I'm hearing reports about a couple people missing, a few injured and rushed to the hospital. They keep showing pictures of the impact. There was a Lexus driving down the access road at the same time that appears to be demolished along with the plane. It looks like it impacted a rock wall that the building is built on. The fire from the explosion seems to be what damaged the building. The windows weren't blown out until after the fire and firefighters. The images of the street and black smoking coming from the building are frightening.

Adding this later on today:
Turns out this whack job was losing his home to the IRS. He torched it (still hearing different stories about whether his family was inside or not at the time) and then jumped in the plane (unclear if it was stolen or his own). He supposedly left a really long suicide note on his website explaining it all. So the building wasn't random, he was aiming at the IRS. What an asshole! If you're going to kill yourself (especially over something as trivial as losing an object!) start with yourself and don't try to take others down with you. Two employees in the building were rushed to burn units. These total strangers will have to live with scars from this guy for the rest of their lives. The family of this guy not only lost their house, but the father and breadwinner. Great solution you selfish douche bag!

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