Saturday, February 20, 2010

House and Bones

So my go to TV for boredom was always CSI and Law & Order. I've seen nearly every episode of all variations of these shows. So over the last year, Bones and House have replaced my Boob Tube go to shows.

I watch WAAAAY to much television. I probably am an alcoholic too. I know these facts. I know these habits are bad for my health. Not so astonishingly, I still continue to do them!
So my newest TV obsessions are narrowing down as well. I've seen most Bones and House episodes that exist. I still rarely run into a repeat, but I see the end of the path approaching. We have shows we follow through out the year as the new episodes come out, but those are not the "can watch them anytime" shows.
I want to start watching Lost. The wife has been watching Army Wives...meh, neither here nor there with it. Charmed and Family Guy both have gone the way of CSI and L&O. We'll see where it goes. Probably should just take up Walking or something more Productive, but then again, I do know me!

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