Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

My Wife's Cousin proposed last night and his girl said yes! Congratulations Dustin & Stacey!

This will be the fifth year in a row for my generation of relatives to have a wedding. My Wife's younger brother Billy married Stacy in 2006. I married Tina in 2007. Dustin's older brother Eric married Nichola in 2008. Tina's youngest brother, Andy, married Casey this past October in 2009. Now The final cousin will marry in 2010.

There are a couple siblings who are WAAAY to young or are mentally handicapped on each side who will not be marrying, or won't be for a decade or two. That said, of these two parents, Tina's Mom and Mother's Older Brother, all of their babies are married off and starting families.

These two siblings' parents were engaged on Valentine's day 55 years ago. It's touching that we're wrapping it up with Dustin & Stacey getting engaged the day before. I'm so happy for these two.

This Valentine's Day wasn't over the top or anything, just nice. Hope it was for many others as well.

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