Friday, February 26, 2010

Dying Tina's Hair

So my slow balding has been really difficult to accept, but it is my reality. As a red head, I kinda associate my "ego" with my hair, so having it disappear is well, earth shattering.

My beautiful wife is also a red head. Yes, I know it's odd, rare, whatever ... and no, we do not spontaneously combust in bed. We are very different in our ginger-ness. She has very translucent skin with more freckles than I do. Her red is not as vibrant as mine and is curly. I get somewhat tan and have a golden red that is very straight. Neither of us are covered in freckles nor do we have the kinky curly hair many red heads are associated with. We do both have green eyes...something we did not pass on to our daughter. She's got my hair texture, my wife's color and skin with gorgeous blue eyes.

So my wife's hair has been darkening over the last 5 years. It's going brown, auburn in the sun, but it isn't the red she once had. I bleached and colored my hair many times back when I was 18-22ish. I think it may have led to the loss of it now! Tina on the other hand had never messed with her color...ever. I had her get it colored when she was pregnant with Berlin after the DMV asshole argued with her over her hair color. (My exact words to him were "Knock it off, I have to go home with her and will not stop her if she climbs over this counter and rips your balls out through your throat.")

I think she liked it. So about 4 months ago, we did it again. Or should I say, I did it. Money is tighter, Tina is a stay at home mom now and we have a second baby on the way. It came out pretty good, but honestly it was friggin' exhausting. So we did it again tonight. We went with a darker shade of red and oh does not look natural. From a red head, that is not a good thing. Red is a hard color to strip and even harder to make look legit! Hopefully it fades into a realistic shade, otherwise, I might be dying it again soon. Fingers are crossed...maybe I'll just pay for it to be done professionally again even though it saves me $70 this way.

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