Friday, February 19, 2010

Crazies in Austin

So, yesterday Austin had someone go bat shit and commit suicide by crashing into an IRS building as payback. First of the crazies. The second which hit closer to home was far less devastating, but crazy none the less.
I work for a Car Rental Company. When Toyota did their recalls, we had to get all of them off rentals. Most customers came in and did vehicle exchanges and went on about their business. About a dozen lingered in my area over the last few weeks. Until yesterday all but one from my stores had returned or exchanged cars. So I was sending a letter of demand that this guy return the vehicle immediately. My guy running the store where it was rented kept trying to get him to return it as well, but stepped it up over the last week.

Finally he hears back from the customer in our Corolla. He has been in Miami and didn't have cell coverage. Pretty sure Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and hell, everyone else has a city as huge as Miami covered. But that's just a silly detail, after all CUSTOMERS LIE ALL THE TIME! So, my guy told him to get it swapped out immediately. He said he'd just return it to Miami. OK, great, more money because it's a one way rental and we get the friggin' thing back that's now over due by a week.

The customer calls back and says, Miami won't accept it unless we give permission...odd, but what ever, we'll call and straighten that out.

In the meantime, a local manager from the airport calls and asks my guy to close out a rental that they just picked up from impound. Turns out a customer had responded to a Craigslist ad where someone was selling a car. They left OUR car as pseudo-collateral while they took the one for sale on a test drive. PSA: Craigslisters, always ride along on the test drive, idiots. The guy didn't come back in his car. Eventually the Craigslister called the police and they towed the car away.

My guy goes to check it in and, WTF? it's the same customer in the Corolla that is supposedly in Miami! Well, that's our problem solved, the Corolla is back in our possession. But that just leaves a bunch of unanswered questions. Where is the Craigslister's car? Why would you make up a story about Miami if the car is in Austin? What the fuck is going on? Crazy Shit, that's what's going!
For the record, Austin is full of crazies, these two are just the topic of the day. If you read the article posted with the IRS bomber-pilot's wife's statement, you can see a string of insane comments. Paranoia is in the water here, along with ill-informed stupidity.

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