Monday, February 22, 2010

Adult Beverage Chemistry

I bar tended for awhile. I really liked it, I was good at the service side, really good at making strangers carry on a conversation, but my favorite part was mixing drinks. I really enjoyed making something and having someone go, "wow, that's great" or "this is the best (fill in the blank) I've had in a long time." OK, so admittedly, I enjoy praise, but more over, something I created made someone else happy, even temporarily.

I can make a Margaritas, LITs, Martinis (real and flavored), Nearly any frozen concoction, and every highball imaginable really well. I'm not a showman. I'm not the best in the business. I'm just good at it.

So I haven't made up many drinks on my own. A fellow bartender used to whip up chocolate Dr. Peppers all the time. I hated them, but the whole staff was in love with them. I tended to work in the sour or fruity realm. I was comfortable with those flavors.

One I came up with and my wife and I eventually named the "Lazy Morning" was basically a twisted Vodka & Soda. I use Absolute Kurant (Black Currant Flavored Vodka), Soda, a Splash of Pineapple Juice and a squeeze of Lime. That was my wife's preferred version. Nix the Pineapple and sub Lemon for the Lime and you have my "Clearly Canadian." Seriously tastes like those little flavored carbonated waters from my childhood. There were others, but this is getting long already.

So tonight, I was whipping up a smoothie for dessert and decided to use up some Plums that were going to go bad soon. I've never tasted any drink made with plums, let alone anything alcoholic. Weird thought since Plums are just a step away from Prunes. Probably why you don't run across it. So I made the virgin versions for the wife and child. I then took the Plum, Strawberry, OJ , Cranberry concoction and added some Spiced Rum. Damn it was tasty. Distinctively unique, but yummy altogether. I'm not sure on a name, but Horny Jack is floating around right now (Think Little Jack Horner sat in a corner nursery rhyme).

Mixology may be in my past, but it's still fun to enjoy something new every once and awhile.

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