Friday, January 22, 2010

Yu Hab Willy Gud Wepatashin

I was helping out one of my locations today and felt so sorry for the operator. This Korean lady couldn't decide on a vehicle to rent. They went back and forth between cars and finally ended up going with a larger vehicle than she'd originally requested. I delivered that vehicle to him because she wanted one that wasn't on his lot.

To begin, she had already shopped the competition and found a rate $200 cheaper. So she hounds this guy until he agrees, thinking he'll be adding coverage to make up for the loss. She gets there today after exhausting him for a week and lets him know her friends recommended she work with him. She tells him "yu hab willy gud wepatashin."
For those of you sensitive to racism, screw off. What is it with Asians? From the f*ing Middle Easterners to Indians to East Asians, there is no price to low that they will not continue to insist there is "something you can do" to make it lower. So someone tells you that "you have a really good reputation" means that you've given the impression that you hooked someone up at some point. These are supposedly the world's brightest people, yet they do not understand the concept of profit. Hum, aside from the sweeping generalization, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
So after having severe issues understanding the concept of a push button start Altima, she then made him come out and adjust her mirrors because she couldn't figure them out.

I'm entering his contract at this point because we've had to discount it to the point he didn't know if she was coming or going. Guess what, her piece of shit insurance agent, not the guy who ever sees the claim side of an accident (especially in a rental car), told her "of course you are covered." So because of his insistence that what he provides is anything less than gold, she opted not to cover our vehicle. I'm now asking why the hell I'm discounting what totals $350 after taxes and whatnot from her rental if we didn't get anything of value on it.

As I ask my rhetorical questions, she calls him again. She cannot figure out why the car keeps going to 5000 RPMs and is insisting it is broken. (I drove this car, it had 123 miles on it when I got out and was in perfect working order) He goes through a series of repeated questions to try to find out if she is in Drive, Neutral or Low Gear. Ultimately culminating in him shouting into the phone as she becomes utterly frantic "DO YOU SEE A D ON THE GEAR SHIFT OR ON THE DASH?" "ARE YOU IN DRIVE, ARE YOU IN D? DO YOU SEE A D OR AN N OR A L?" He finally discovers that she is still in the shopping center and walks out to her.
She was in Low Gear (1st gear for those of you who don't know). Asian Women Drivers. Helmets and Athletic Cups should be issued for free by Asia to all other drivers on the road.

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