Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where is James Lipton When You need him?

Every Interview on Inside the Actors Studio, hosted by James Lipton, he always ends with the same series of questions. These include: What is your favorite curse word? If Heaven exists, what do you want to hear God say when you reach the Pearly Gates? What sound or noise do you love? and What is your least favorite word?

I've watched the show for over a decade now and absolutely love it. That however is not why I'm here today.

What sound or noise do you hate? This is why I logged on today.

I used to think it was the sound of my daughter screaming/crying. Seconded only to silence when she should be actively playing...thus meaning she's found something/gotten into something she shouldn't. Alas, this evening has clearly laid out the definitive answer to this question. For the umpteenth time this month Berlin has taken a drink of mine or my wife and dumped out, where ever she found it.

So, the answer would be: The sound of liquid hitting the floor while my daughter is out of sight.

Soda has sploshed the couch. Lemonade has doused the floor. Milk has crept under the rug. Water has nailed the wall. Beer has saturated a photo album. Tea has covered a pillow. Orange Juice has infiltrated clean socks. I could go on, but my mental stability is quavering under the flash of memories.

As I cleaned up tonight's tea disaster from under the couch, side table and pillow, James Lipton and his parade of actors was what amused me amidst sopping up a child's innocent discovery of cause and effect.

As an aside, did you know James Lipton is 83 years old? Wow!

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